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What is a hepcat? Who is the hoodie? What does it all mean?  Hepcat is a throwback term to the great jazz era of the 1930’s to the 1950’s- to a time when music could speak for itself and captivate a crowd. The word conjures up the image of groups of people gathering to listen to great music together, instead of in earbuds in their ears. While the exact origin of the name Hepcat Hoodie is kept tightly under wraps, what we know for sure is that these guys know how to engage a crowd, with their always-growing repertoire of hits from just about every decade since hepcats became a thing!


Bill Wilkinson and Scott Velasquez are the men behind the mics, and they are two local guys, who believe music is a great way to connect with people and have fun. You can find them playing at local bars, wineries, special events, and more. 



Bill loves music, and his musical tastes run the gamut from old school heavy metal to soul & funk to country artists. Bill has worked as a musician for many years and is also a member of a second local band called “Off Color.” He grew up in Tokyo, Japan but currently lives in Germantown, MD. He’s also a father of three and married to his college sweetheart. Bill loves Japanese cuisine, Capitals Hockey, discovering new music, and a perfectly comfy hoodie.



With Hepcat Hoodie, you’ll usually find Scott behind the cajón and belting out just about any song that the crowd can challenge him with! Scott has been singing and playing music pretty much his whole life. Scott is from Long Beach, New York loves but currently lives in Germantown, MD. He’s also a father of three and husband of his college sweetheart. Scott loves New York sports with a passion, and he loves connecting with new people, the beach, Latin food, and the perfect witty t-shirt.



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